About us:

The Association of Danish Landscape Architects (DL) is an organization with influence in a number of professional industries, ministries and grassroots associations.

We aim to participate in the political debate and work continuously for an increased focus on the importance of landscape architecture and our work.

DL collaborates with several other landscape associations including the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), IFLA Europe and ‘Nordisk Styrelse’ (a forum for Scandinavian landscape associations). We also cooperate with:

  • Danske Arkitektvirksomheder
  • Park og Naturforvaltere
  • Akademisk Arkitektforening
  • Landskabsarkitektforeningen (LAF)
  • Dansk Byplanlaboratorium


Our members work in very different positions; municipal, state, design and management. The jobs include studios, office departments, cemeteries, education and research.

Currently we are approximately 750 members of whom 200 are students.

In DL we maintain the members’ professional interests regardless of their position.

Students and graduates from the following programs can become a member of DL:

  • University of Copenhagen:
    Landscape architecture
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture:
    Landscape architecture
  • Aarhus School of Architecture:
    Landscape architecture
  • A foreign education equivalent to the above and approved by the International Federation of Landscape Architects

You have the option of becoming a member if you worked as a landscape architect for a minimum of two years. Send your CV and examination papers to: dl@landskabsarkitekter.dk

Download a list of our members here: Membershiplist

Become a member: Registration form

Member benefits:

As a member you are part of a strong association of colleagues, professionals and collaborators.

We ensure that you are kept updated with the latest news in the profession via newsletters, events, excursions and the magazine ‘Landskab’ that has English photo captions and summary.

As a member you have a great opportunity of asserting influence on the organization and on the political agenda for the profession.

Title MDL
A protected title and a professional seal of quality of you as a landscape architect.

In addition, you receive a member’s discount on books, magazines and courses.


There are plenty of opportunities to improve your competences as a landscape architect. DL arranges courses, lectures, field trips and conferences on various themes ranging from improving your computer skills to park- and garden tours. Events are updated regularly – look under “AKTUELT”

Do you have suggestions for events that may be of interest to the members? Please mail to: dl@landskabsarkitekter.dk

Several other organisations offer courses particularly for landscape architects:

Architects Association:

University of Copenhagen

School of Architecture:

Aarhus School of Architecture:

Landscape offices:

See a list of offices here

Terra Incognita, Trondheims Mindested / Marianne Levinsen og Anders Krüger

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